The issues of Artsakh people during the Holy Week were in the center of attention

This year, with the blessing of the Catholicos of All Armenians, 600 children from Artsakh visited Holy Etchmiadzin with their parents on the occasion of Palm Sunday, were blessed, received gifts, and had lunch with the congregants of the Mother See.

An open liturgy was served in the Saint Gayane Monastery

In Armenian apostolic churches, an open liturgy was served and communion was given on Holy Thursday. Each day of Holy Week has its own sacrament and ritual. Confirmation of the communion sacrament is mentioned. The gospel readings at the liturgy describe the events that took place on the last Thursday evening of Jesus' earthly life. At the supper, Christ takes the bread from the table, blesses it, distributes it to the disciples, then distributes wine, offering his body and blood as holy signs of the new covenant.

Palm Sunday was celebrated with great pomp in the churches of the Armenian Diocese of Georgia

In the courtyards of St. Gevorg and Holy Etchmiadzin churches of Tbilisi, the faithful participated in the liturgy and then the festive Liturgy with bunches of green twigs. Palm Sunday was also celebrated in the Holy Cross Church of Akhalkalaki, Saint Gregory the Illuminator of Akhaltsikhe, Saint Sargis Church of Ninotsminda. The spiritual pastors of the diocese visited the Armenian-inhabited villages and performed the Andastan service and blessed the children. In the churches of the Armenian Diocese of Georgia, following the Evening service, the Order of Opening of the Doors was performed.

An Opening of the Doors service was held in the Saint Gayane Monastery

At the Opening of the Doors service, the clergymen symbolically ask for the Lord's mercy. Psalms, prayers, and hymns are sung in front of the closed altar during the service. The mysterious door-opening ceremony performed in the evening of Palm Sunday completes the celebration performed in the morning, during which also, after a long pause, the curtains of the altars are opened again in the churches.

The indifference of the international community regarding ethnic cleansing in Artsakh is unacceptable

On the initiative of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church of the United Kingdom and Ireland, the issues of ethnic cleansing of Artsakh and the relevance of international law were discussed in the St. Yeghishe Armenian Church in London. Lord Alton of Liverpool emphasized the responsibility of the international community regarding what happened in Artsakh. According to him, ambiguity and indifference in this matter is unacceptable. Arman Tatoyan, the former defender of human rights of Armenia, stated that due to the presence of the enemy, the residents of the border villages of Armenia were deprived of the possibility of a normal life and security.

His Holiness received the accelerated priests at the Mother See

The Catholicos of All Armenians received the priests who participated in the three-week Accelerated courses at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. His Holiness Patriarch said during the meeting that history speaks in the environment of the Mother See and one should be able to experience it spiritually. He noticed that knowledge, lectures, personal contacts are valuable, but the mission of Holy Etchmiadzin is more valuable.

A Divine liturgy was served in the St. Gregory Armenian Church of Naples

Armenian pilgrims from the countries of the patriarchal delegation of Western Europe, the communities of Italy and Belgium, as well as from Poland, went on a pilgrimage to Naples to bow to the relics of the first Patriarch of Armenia in the Saint Gregory Armenian Church and participate together in the festive Divine Liturgy. Pilgrims also visited Rome, bowed before the statue of the Illuminator in St. Peter's Square, and asked for the saint's intercession.

Summary News 15.03.2024

Arman Tatoyan gave a speech at Oxford University at the invitation of the Armenian Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland.
Bishop Mesrop Parsamyan took part in the meeting of spiritual fathers of the diocese in St. Alphonso Center, New Jersey.
In the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the commemorative feast of Vardanants military commanders and 1036 witnesses was celebrated.

Defense of graduation theses at the Gevorgyan Theological Seminary

The authors have chosen very important topics for the master's thesis at Gevorgyan Theological Seminary. One of the works was dedicated to the social themes expressed in the general paper of Hakobos Tyarneghbor. Another student studied the 21st chapter of John's gospel, researched the commonalities and differences between John and the corresponding gospels. Another student studied the Seventh-day Adventist denomination and pointed out the deviations from the orthodox faith.

Summary News 11․03․2024

A gathering of clergy serving in Belgium, Holland, Italy and Spain took place.
The Armenian youth of Antwerp visited the Armenian Apostolic Church Community of Gerardsbergen on a pilgrimage.
On March 6, Great Lent was in the middle by the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church
The mijink was solemnly celebrated in the general vicarage of Samtskhe-Javakhk and Tsalka.

A concert was held on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of "Lusavorich" choir

A concert dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the "Lusavorich" school choir was held in Constantinople. The "Lusavorich" polyphonic choir sings during liturgies and important church holidays. The Lusavorich Choir, created 95 years ago, has undergone a continuous generational change, the parents or even grandfathers of many of the young singers performed in the famous choir of the churches of Constantinople.

The Etchmiadzin Brotherhood participated in a Rest Service

The Brotherhood of the Mother Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin participated in a Rest Service at the St. Gayane Monastery. During the Great Lent, the Rest service is held every Friday evening. Once, the church fathers defined it as the last service of the day, that's why it was called the Rest.