How do the people of Artsakh live in Armenia?

The Caucasian Research Resource Center conducted and published a study on the integration of forcibly displaced Artsakh residents. It is noteworthy that our compatriots have found themselves in the status of "familiar foreigners" in Armenia. Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with the authors of the study, Lilit Yezekyan and Mariam Babayan, who was also displaced from Artsakh after the 2020 war.

Hosanna or crown of thorns?

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowd greeted him with recognition, and a few days later sent him to Golgotha ​​with denial. This psychology has not changed in mankind over the centuries. Osanna means help, save us. Why did the crowd shouting Ovsanna during Christ's triumphal entry deny and leave him at Golgotha?
Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

Ghazaravan nuns visited the forcibly displaced family from Artsakh

The nuns led by Mother Yeghisabet and the clergy visited the family from Artsakh settled in Ghazaravan village of Aragatsaton diocese. They keep Artsakh families settled in this village in the center of their care and attention, help and support. During the visit Rev. Fr. Yeghishe Barseghyan blessed the members of the house and expressed support.

The new reforms of the theater

The spirit of time must enter the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography
A period of great reforms has begun in YSITC, in order for the university to serve modern requirements. The best cinematographers of Armenia were invited to the institute, who not only teach, but also take students with them to film. An agreement was reached with one of the television companies to jointly use the booths. Students have the opportunity to stage plays. What is the path of development of Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography?
Anahit Margrayan's guest in "Artfocus" is Sara Nalbandian, the rector of the YSITC.

The people and the rulers

After the 44-day war, the society cannot find itself again. The defeat, the concessionary policy of the government, the lack of resistance has led to public apathy. Society has lost faith in its resources, as a result of which the consequences of defeat are more devastating. When you lose faith, you are already defeated. How to stand up and overcome the psychology of the loser, how to overcome the division? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with psychologist Davit Hayrapetyan.

New strategy of education and science. part 149

How to overcome functional illiteracy?
Newmag publishing house recently published businessman Gor Karapetyan's Proactive Leader book, which calls for a joint search for solutions, to overcome functional illiteracy, to raise the low level of social responsibility and education. The author emphasizes the importance of bringing about positive change through functional leadership, mentoring, and caring. Gor Karapetyan is in the pavillion. 

The lazy and the prayer

One of the deadly sins of the church is laziness, which has a lot to do with the sin of pride. On the other hand, when you have received a gift - life, abilities, but you do not make life good, but with a self-centered impulse, you waste those abilities in enjoyment.
What good can a Christian create as a result of work, what parallels are there between work and sacrifice? Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this. 

Frescoes of Akhtala monastery

Rev. Fr. Hetum Tarverdyan published the treasures of the Akhtala monastery
In the Komitas Museum-Institute, the presentation of the book "Mural Paintings of the Holy Mother of God church of Akhtala" by  Rev. Fr. Hetum Tarverdyan took place. The book tells about the frescoes of the monastery, patrons and masters who created them. At the "Artfocus" pavillion, the author told about the work of Rev. Fr. Hetum Tarverdyan, dedicated to the 800-year-old wall paintings with an area of ​​960 square meters preserved in the Holy Mother of God Monastery of the Akhtala monastery complex, one of the priceless gems of Armenian and world architecture and culture. The program was hosted by Anahit Margaryan.

String quartet concert

The inaugural concert of the "Avetis" string quartet will take place
On March 12, the debut concert of the "Avetis" string quartet will take place at the Chamber Music House named after Komitas. Three of the musicians play in the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia. Carmen Tosunyan is the concertmaster, Hayk Ter-Hovhannisyan is the concertmaster of the Philharmonic viola group, Mikayel Navasardyan is a musician of the cello group. Violinist Anush Nikoghosyan is active in concerts as a soloist and chamber musician. Violinist Anush Nikoghosyan and viola player Hayk Ter-Hovhannisyan presented their activities

We are not ineligible, but we are at risk

"Artsakh. endangered heritage" trilingual picture book, which includes the Armenian historical-architectural heritage left in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan as a result of the 44-day war was published. Azerbaijan is now planning to destroy the Armenian trace at the state level.
Is the work of scientists used enough to protect the cultural and political rights of the Armenian people against Azerbaijani crimes? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with Raffi Kortoshyan, deputy director of the Foundation for the Study of Armenian Architecture.

To pray is to bare the soul

In his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says: "When you pray, go into your room, close your door and secretly pray to the Heavenly Father." How to understand this message? This episode is often interpreted literally in different circles. According to them, Jesus preaches to pray alone. In fact, Jesus uses the word "room" in the sense of mind, heart, inner world. In other words, when you pray, even if you are in a crowd, you must be able to control your thoughts, you must concentrate. When praying, you need silence, inner silence. Reverend Fr. Ruben Zargaryan speaks on this.

We are not weak, but we do not realize our strength

If Armenia continues to meet Azerbaijan's demands, it will very quickly self-dissolve, like the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Why? We are offered peace, cooperation, prosperity, aren't we? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with political scientist Saro Saroyan.