“The Brave Nazar” in Russian first time in Armenian

On February 28, Stanislavski Russian Theatre hosted the premiere of Hovhannes Tumanyan’s “The Brave Nazar”.

“Armenians and Armenians”: humorous sketches at AGBU Armenia Office

On February 29, the AGBU Armenia Office and the Petros Adamyan Theater Group in Aleppo presented the satirical and theatrical sketches "Armenians and Armenians" at the Union's Yerevan office. The authors are Araksi Stepanian Musalli and Hakob Mikaelyan, the director is Nikolay Tsaturyan.

The American "Slam poetry" now called "Shrkhkan Poetry" in Armenian

Slam Poetry night in Yerevan: this world-known format features new category of verbal poetry in Armenia for the first time.

Exhibition of Anatoly Papyan “Road” was opened in the Artists’ Union

The exhibition opened on January 25 in the Artists’ Union was dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Anatoly Papyan.

Not a single week without Matevosyan

Hrant Matevosyan would have turned 85. The fans of Matevosyan came together at “Zangak” to attend the presentation of the book “Not a Single Day without Matevosyan”.

Coronavirus pandemia: Advice from public health professionals

How to self-isolate, what is the social distance, how to maintain one's own and public health in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic? Dean of the Faculty of Public Health of the American University of Armenia Varduhi Petrosyan and cardiologist Tatevik Hovakimyan discuss the topic. The conversation is hosted by Anna Sargsyan.

The cost and the price of education

What is the cost of public education, what is price that the state, parents and students pay for education? Social psychologist Davit Amiryan and cultural anthropologist Aghasi Tadevosyan converse about the issues of public education and the impact of public-political relations on the school. The conversation is hosted by Anna Sargsyan.

National Library: from Book Archive to a Preferred Reading Spot

Libraries have long stopped being mere book archives, but rather active communication, literary-cultural interaction platforms. What measures are taken by the National Library of Armenia to address this issue? Hayk Hambardzumyan talked about this topic with Hrach Saribekyan, writer and Director a.i. of the National Library of Armenia.

Tracing Armenian-Azerbaijani Coexistence

What was the Armenian-Azerbaijani coexistence like in the midst of the conflicts of end- and start of the 20th century? What ideological, routine, cultural expressions did the intra-national relations acquire? What was the history and characteristics of Azerbaijani theatre in Armenia? Hayk Hambardzumyan discussed these issues with ethnographer Arsen Hakobyan.

The History of Cilicia’s Mundanity

What do we know about the history of Cilicia: colossal figures, devastating wars, international relations and trade. Sided by the crucial historical events, we know practically nothing about the history of Cilicia’s mundanity. Who lived in Cilicia, and how did they live, what was the relations between the locals and foreigners, what norms would apply to settle family relations? Hayk Hambardzumyan discussed these issues with historian Zohrab Gevorgyan.

Dali-Picasso: New Plans and Old Problems of the National Gallery

Armenia’s National Gallery will host the exhibition of the works by the two most famous Spaniards of the world – Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. How did the exhibition come to be real, are the exhibits the originals, how can such exhibitions contribute to the development of museums, and how is it ever possible to showcase the old and new treasures in a brand new packaging? Within the scope of the program “Topic”, Hayk Hambardzumyan discussed these issues with Naira Yeghiazaryan, Deputy Director of the National Gallery of Armenia.

Cultural Heritage Management and Upkeep

Preservation of cultural heritage deals with a number of issues: relevant legal background, public attitude, cooperation between professionals, inter-state program, financial resources etc. To coordinate these aspects, an Armenian-Italian Cultural Heritage Management Center “Rochemp” has been established. Hayk Hambardzumyan talked about the Center, the issues related to the preservation of cultural heritage, in general, with the Director of the Center Ani Avagyan.