2022 Table Calendar

In addition to the official church calendar, the publishing department of the Mother See also publishes a table calendar every year. Simple and practical with in form but quite rich in content.

The Patriarch of All Armenians met with the newly ordained priests

"Here is your weapon."  The Armenian Patriarch handed over the hand crosses, the Mashtots and the Holy Communion box of relics to the 11 newly ordained priests. He wished them a strong faith, prudence, dedication and patience.

Home Blessing Service of Christmas (Theophany) at the Patriarchal Residence

Announcing the Holy Nativity message, immediately after the Candlelight service, the clergy, led by the Patriarch of All Armenians, hurried to the Old Residence. The first Home-blessing service of the year was performed, the salt, bread and water of the Residence were blessed.

Seventy ways to the temple

70 painters from different regions of Armenia and Artsakh participated in plenary sessions in Armenia and Artsakh. As a result, 70 paintings were created.  The opening of the "70 Roads to the Temple" exhibition was held at the Artists' Union on December 26.

Defense of Master's Theses at the Gevorkian Theological Seminary

On December 9, 7 deacons defended their master's theses at the Gevorkian Theological Seminary.

The relic of Patriarch Mtsbna was taken to St. Hakob Church in Ararat

Twenty-five families of soldiers who went missing during the 44-day war in Artsakh took part in a festive liturgy at St. Hakob Church in Ararat. The relic of Patriarch Mtsbna is a source of hope and strength for them.

The restoration specialist of the museums of the Mother See is trained in the "Erebuni" museum

Hranush Papikyan, an employee of the Mother See's museums, has been gaining practical knowledge at the "Erebuni" Museum for a month now, training as a metal restorer.

Conference in Gandzasar and Pilgrimage liturgy in the Stepanakert Mother Church

On December 10-12, the Center for "Scientific-Educational Initiatives" NGO organized a conference entitled "National Identity" in Gandzasar. The director of "Vache and Tamar Manukyan" Matenadaran of the Mother See, Rev. Fr. Ararat Poghosyan left for Artsakh.

Holy Lance “Geghard” was Brought Out

The Day of the Feast of the First Armenian Apostles St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew is proclaimed as Pilgrimage Day of Holy Lance (Geghard). On December 03, the Holy Lance was solemnly taken from the Treasury House of the Mother See to St. John the Baptist and St. Vardan Chapel-baptistery of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.

Opening of a furnished classroom in the only school in Yeraskhavan

As part of the "Children and Youth Program", the Armenian Bible Society is setting up centers in border communities where children can practice handicrafts and receive Bible study lessons from a local priest. This time the classroom was opened in Yeraskhavan school.

Exhibition of handicrafts of the students of Ashtarak and Saghmosavan centers

The children and parents of Saghmosavan Youth Center are in Ashtarak's St. Mariane Center in "Narekatsi" Art Institute. In both centers, both young people and adults are able to do their favorite job, develop skills in handicrafts, and acquire a new profession.

The newly consecrated chapel in Ararat was named after the Holy Martyrs

The Holy Martyrs Chapel is on the top of a hill called Papsar. On November 7, the Primate of the Masyatsotn Diocese, His Grace Bishop Grvork Saroyan, consecrated the chapel. That day marked the 10th anniversary of the ordination of Bishop Gevork.