In the early morning, Sunrise service was performed

The Brotherhood of the Mother See led the Patriarch of All Armenians and His Eminence Archbishop Sahak Mashalyan, the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople to the St. Vardan and St. John the Baptist Chapel-baptistery where the Sunrise service was performed. This service is performed during Great Lent and reminds the faithful about the Second Coming of Christ and the resurrection of the Righteous.

Feast of Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Temple in the Mother See

On the occasion of the feast of the offering of the baby Jesus to the temple, a festive liturgy was held in the Saint Gayane monastery. Under the direction of the Patriarch of All Armenians, for years, at the end of the festive service, the blessing of newlywed couples has been performed. They received wishes for a peaceful and strong family life and a patriarchal blessing from the Catholicos of All Armenians.


Mother See helps families forcibly displaced from Artsakh

Artsakh residents sheltered under the auspices of the Mother See were visited by the head of the Social Service Office of the Mother See, Rev. Fr. Markos Mangasaryan. Currently, 16 families, around 60 people, live in the shelter. The problems of those forcibly displaced from Artsakh are in the center of attention of the Armenian Church. Both in the Mother See and in different dioceses, there are many programs to help the displaced people.


In the school named after Nairi Zaryan, a Home-blessing ceremony was held

Director of the CEC, Proto-Archimandrite Zakaria Baghumyan offered the consecration of the 130th school named after Nairi Zaryan. Father Zakaria sprinkled the blessed water in the classrooms, urged the students to love the book, have clear goals, discover their strengths and value the Armenian Apostolic Church. Until then, the Proto-Archimandrite presented the formation, order and importance of the Home-blessing.

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Feast of Saints Ghevond the Priest and His Companions

The Saints Ghevond the Priest and His Companions were the holy warriors who not only marched in front of the Armenian army in the battle of Avarayr, but also encouraged the warriors who came out against the Persian army. On the occasion of the feast, around 200 priests, led by their diocesan leaders, participated in a festive liturgy in the Church of the Holy Mother of God in Etchmiadzin.


Rev. Fr. Hovsep Sargsyan

Why isn't the "Tukh Manook" gospel brought out to worship believers? Why are halos used in icons? What options are there outside the church to break the fast? Is it possible to fast, but not participate in church ceremonies and liturgies during that entire time? Are there examples of fasting in the Scripture? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Rev. Fr. Hovsep Sargsyan. Keep posting your questions on the Q&A Facebook page.

The regional phase of the Olympiad in the subject "History of the Armenian Church" has ended

The Republican phase will be held on April 6, where the winners will receive a scholarship for one academic year. Proto- Archimandrite Zakaria Baghumyan, Director of the CEC of the Mother See noticed that although the Ministry of Education decided to take the subject out of school, in fact the students enthusiastically participate in the Olympiad.

Rev. Fr. Shahan Movsisyan is Answering

How to prepare for the afterlife when you know that you are terminally ill? Isn't being baptized just before the wedding a formality? Why can't an unbaptized deceased be buried in a church order? Is it mandatory to re-consecrate the church after renovation? Can I take flowers to the church? To eat salty breat or not to eat? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Rev. Fr. Shahan Movsisyan. Keep posting your questions on the Q&A Facebook page.

Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan is answering

How to return a gift? Can the baptismal cross be donated or changed? Is the basilica style of churches Armenian? Why do we swear? Can nuns go up to the altar? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan. Keep posting your questions on the Question and Answer Facebook page.


A visit to the Hovsepyan family from Artsakh with many children, where twin boys will soon be born

The shelter under the auspices of Holy Etchmiadzin sheltered families from Artsakh in 2020. After the forced displacement in 2023, this floor was again accepted by families from Artsakh. The Hovsepyan family with 4 children settled here is also a beneficiary of the monetary program implemented by the Social Service Office of the Mother See. Soon, the twin sons of the Hovsepyan couple will also be born.





Rev. Fr. Miachael Nurijanyan is answering

Is there a mention of fir in the Gospels? Why doesn't the age of Christ increase every year when we celebrate Christmas? What is the basis for exchanging gifts? Why does the Christmas message of peace not bring complete peace, especially to Christian nations? What do clergy prefer to give each other? Are the magi of Jesus' birth the same as today? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Rev. Father Mikael Nurijanyan. Keep posting your questions on the Question and Answer Facebook page.


The Armenian Patriarch met with the students of the Youth Centers

The "Hrach and Susan" Tufayan Youth Center of Etchmiadzin hosted around 280 students of 8 Youth Centers operating under the auspices of the Mother See and AGBU. Karekin II, Patriarch of All Armenians, conveyed his blessing and good wishes to the children.