Hayk Nalbandian after the 44-day war

Hayk Nalbandian was wounded on November 8, the last day of the 44-day war. He was a sniper and was wounded by a sniper's bullet. "My life was divided into two parts: before and after the war. After it's more difficult for me, but I have to be stronger and live every day to the fullest," says the 21-year-old young man. We met Hayk in his small workshop.

French-Armenian composer Michel Petrasyan hosted in "Artfocus"

Does the listener really not understand modern music, or do the musicians not believe that the listener will? What features of Michel Petrosyan's music particularly attract the western listener?  What advantages and disadvantages has the "metamodern" concept brought to the field of contemporary compositional art? In what direction is academic modern music developing? French-Armenian composer Michel Petrasyan is the guest of "Artfocus". Anahit Margaryan conducts the conversation.
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Within a story: Derenik Demirchyan's "Avelord"

"Avelord" is one of the best stories of Armenian literature. Just a perfect work that embraces all the patterns typical of the genre, while at the same time shocking with its plot and generalizations.  The story is also included in school textbooks and is a topic of discussion. Is the story presented correctly, what ideological messages does it have?  Literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan, Arkmenik Nikoghosyan and teacher Arsen Vardanyan discuss.

Vardges Surenyants

The great Armenian painter Vardges Surenyants was one of the most beloved teachers of the Gevorgian Theological Seminary. Paintings with spiritual themes are a large and valuable part of his painting. In addition, Surenyants was one of the most learned theorists of the time. An intellectual, who had a huge impact on the artistic thinking of the time.

New strategy of education and science. Part 91

We are discussing the issue of science and education strategy with Siranush Hovhannisyan, president of the Association of Young Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.

Five deacons of the Mother See ordained to Priesthood

Five of the deacons serving in various structures of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin were called to the priesthood. His Grace Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan consecrated the ordained and named them after the names of five Armenians who died for the homeland in the 44-day Artsakh war: Harutyun, Davit, Narek, Vahram, Abgar.

The profession of restorer in Armenia

How do they acquire the profession of restorer in Armenia? What did the community of restorers discuss with the Ministry of Education and Science the other day? Who decides how to restore the cultural monument in Armenia? Curator, art critic Ara Haytayan and senior restorer of Yerevan Library Lilit Bachachyan were hosted at "Artfocus". Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.
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From fame to oblivion- famous Armenian writers during their lifetime, but forgotten now

There is a well-known story about how someone with the surname Tumanyan kindly urged the very young Hovhannes Tumanyan to change his surname and choose a normal literary name, because there cannot be two Tumanyans in the literary field. However, no one remembers that person anymore, but everyone knows Tumanyan.  Why are writers being forgotten, is this forgetting solely related to literary value, or are there other reasons?
Literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan and Arkmenik Nikoghosyan discuss.

Ecclesiastical life 11.11.2022 Special edition

Interview with Patriarchal delegate of Western Europe and representative of the Catholicos of All Armenians in Vatican, His Eminence Archbishop Khajak Parsamyan.

Seyran Soghoyan after the 44-day war

Seyran had 3 months left of his military service when the 44-day war began. Seyran became the participant of Jabrayil's hottest battles. The last firefight was not without consequences. We met Seyran at his grandfather's house in Martuni. He cut fish and sang with his grandmother. He is sure that one day he will get up from the wheelchair and walk.

New strategy of education and science. Part 90

We are discussing the issue of the new strategy of science and education with the founder of "Mathemik" educational NGO Tigran Arushanyan.

The master of drip irrigation

Agriculturalist Albert Petrosyan uses 10 times less water to irrigate 20 hectares of land using the drip method than in the case of traditional watering.  Instead of being watered in 3-4 days, the area is watered in 3-4 hours. Albert Petrosyan shares his skills and knowledge with us.