The Mother cathedral's separate candlelight hall will soon be operational

To the west of the Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the construction of the separate candlelight hall and the Catholicos tomb is nearing completion.

The patriarch of all Armenians blessed the four corners of the world

On the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the relic of the Holy Cross was taken out from the chapel-baptistry of St. John the Baptist and St. Vardan. The Catholicos of All Armenians offered the  Andastan Service, blessing the four corners of the world. 

Composer, pianist and conductor Konstantin Petrosyan is in "Artfocus"

Composer, pianist, conductor Konstantin Petrosyan, author of music written for high-quality choral, symphonic, chamber, instrumental and vocal works, film music and theater performances, is the guest of "Artfocus". Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.
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Within one story. Vrezh Israelyan, "I, the Muse and the Abyss"

One of Vrezh Israelyan's last short stories, "I, the Muse and the Abyss" at first glance is a satirical work with domestic and social themes, but the careful reader will find echoes of the novelist's favorite national destiny and historical themes, subtle references to reality and the writer's condition. Literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan, Arkmenik Nikoghosyan and novelist Mher Israelyan discuss Israelyan's story "I, the Muse and the Abyss".

Aruch: Mamikonian residence and 7th century church

Sanctuaries, caravanserai, fort, palace of Mamikonians, many khachkars. However, the pride of the people of Aruch, who have received a rich historical heritage, is the 7th century Saint Grigor Church, next to which was the residence of Grigor Mamikonyan.

We want peace, we get war?

Azerbaijan has been accumulating troops for days along the Nagorno-Karabakh contact line and the Armenian-Azerbaijani border." Today, official Yerevan announced the significant aggravation of the military-political situation in the region and signaled that Armenia is ready and wants to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. The day before yesterday, the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan announced that his country is ready for peace, but Yerevan is leading the process to a dead end. What processes are taking place in the region? Who are their main and real subjects? We discuss with Turkologist, candidate of historical sciences Varuzhan Geghamyan. Anna Sargsyan conducts the conversation.

New strategy of education and science. Part 124

We are discussing the issue of science and education strategy with Vahagn Vardanyan, director of the senior and middle school of the Hong Kong "Han" Academy.

What is the issue of Artsakh?

Is there an international consensus on the Artsakh issue? Why is it unrealistic for Armenia to regulate relations with its neighbors without an intermediary party? We are talking with candidate of historical sciences Sergey Melkonyan. Anna Sargsyan conducts the conversation.

Ballet master Lilit Hakobyan was invited to Yerevan

Lilit Hakobyan, the leading soloist of the Hanover State Opera and Ballet Theater, was invited to Yerevan to participate in the third SUMMEET international contemporary dance festival held in Armenia on August 20-27. Which countries are the pioneers of modern ballet today? Why are Armenian dancers in demand in leading theaters abroad, and only the unique ones succeed? Lilit Hakobyan is at the "Artfocus" pavillion. Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.

What can't we find in literature textbooks?

For most readers, the idea of ​​literature begins and ends with school textbooks, and later, for various reasons, people read very little. Literature school textbooks form literary taste, certain criteria for understanding and evaluating literature. No matter how much those textbooks try to make them modern, comprehensive, attractive, a lot of things are still left out of those books. What can't we find in literature textbooks? Literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan and Arkmenik Nikoghosyan discuss.

"Summit" international contemporary dance festival in Yerevan

The "Summit" festival program includes modern dance, physical and visual theater productions, performances, master classes, lectures. The "Summit" international contemporary dance festival is being held in Yerevan on August 20-27 for the third year. Co-founders of the festival Hayk Vardanyan and ballet master Arman Balmanukyan spoke about the festival and the process of spreading modern dance in Armenia in "Artfocus". Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.

Where are the people of '88?

After losing the war in 2020, we are all surprised at ourselves. Today, when Artsakh is under complete siege, facing the threat of ethnic cleansing and genocide, when the Republic of Armenia is facing an ontological threat, people seem to be living a normal life. Where are the people of '88? We are talking with behavioral psychologist Davit Hayrapetyan. Anna Sargsyan conducts the conversation.