New strategy of education and science. Part 73

We are discussing the new strategy of science and education with the linguist of education, PhD. Sirarpi Karapetyan.

Carpenter Karen Khachaturyan

Karen has been engaged in carpentry for 35 years, knows the secrets and character of all wood species.

Summer Outdoor Concerts continue in the yard of St. Anna Church

This time on Friday evening the "Hover" state chamber choir was in the yard of St. Anna and Holy Mother of God Katoghike churches in Yerevan.

Admission Exams at the Gevorkian Theological Seminary

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia and other countries under the age of 21 who have secondary or higher education and are followers of the Apostolic Holy Church can apply to the Gevorkian Seminary. The second phase of admission exams will be held in August.

David Halajyan celebrates the 60th anniversary. The composer's "Messa of Light" was performed in Yerevan

Well-known composer, conductor David Halajyan spoke at "Artfocus" about the value of composer-performer cooperation, the value of works created through artificial intelligence, the desire to be a documentary of time. The conversation was conducted by Anahit Margaryan.
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APRI Armenia - AGBU's New Project

After 18 months of preparation, the AGBU launches the work of "APRI Armenia" Applied Policy Research Institute. APRI is an independent, non-partisan analytical institute, composed of Armenian and foreign specialists and consulting companies.

Gurgen Melikyan and Artyom Grigoryan received a high order of honor of the Armenian Church

On June 15, in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, awarded the Order of St. Sahak-St. Mesrop high medal of honor to Gurgen Melikyan, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor, Archaeologist and Honored Architect Artyom Grigoryan for the many years of effective service to our country.

New strategy of education and science. Part 72

We are discussing the new science and education strategy with education expert Edit Soghomonyan.

The Araratian Week Has Started

From June 13 to 19, our church celebrates the Araratian Week. It is marked by the commemoration of St. Hripsime and St. Gayane nuns and Hovhannes Garabed, as well as the feasts of Staint Gregory the Illuminator's coming out of Pit and Holy Kathoghike Etchmiadzin.

The charm of Armenian wine and ...

How many names of wine were produced in Artsakh before the 44-day war, how many did we lose? How successful are Armenian wines in the highly competitive environment of wine production?  How to choose a good wine? Winemaker Vahe Keushgeryan was hosted at "Artfocus". The conversation was conducted by Anahit Margaryan.
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Patriotism according to literature

In the modern world, technological possibilities allow you to "travel" everywhere. And how does literature help to get to know the homeland? What accents does he make that you do not see in photos or videos?
Literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan and Arkmenik Nikoghosyan are debating in "Parallel Readings".

From Madrid to Brussels. On the solutions to the Artsakh conflict

The process of peaceful settlement of the Artsakh conflict has undergone a drastic change after the 2020 war. What is the best possible solution to the post-war realities, how to stop the diplomatic-political retreat? Politician Tigran Grigoryan is in our pavilion. The conversation is conducted by Anna Sargsyan.