Rev. Fr. Smbat Sargsyan is Answering

Why do followers of Islam take off their shoes when entering the shrine, but Christians do not? How to deal with a relative who has become homosexual? What do we mean by "sister church"? Is the Protestant church considered a sister church of the Armenian Apostolic Church? What are the main points by which a true sermon can be distinguished from a false one? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Fr. Smbat Sargsyan.
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New strategy of education and science. Part 79

We are discussing the new science and education strategy with the Dean of YSU physics faculty Rafik Hakobyan.

To Become a Patrolman or a Teacher?

The education crisis also became evident in the image of this year's university entrance exams. No prepared applicants or graduates willing to apply?  To what extent is the problem demographic, to what extent socio-political and to what extent educational? Education expert Serob Khachatryan and historical demography specialist Mikael Malkhasyan discuss. Anna Sargsyan conducts the conversation.

The life and tragedy of Gurgen Mahari

Gurgen Mahari's life coincided with the most turbulent and eventful period in the history of our nation. Great Genocide, declaration and fall of the First Republic, Sovietization of Armenia, violence of the 1930s, Dznhal of the 1960s, etc. Maharu was destined to be the contemporary and the witness, the hero and the victim of all these events. The life and tragedy of Gurgen Mahari are discussed by Literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan and Arkmenik Nikoghosyan in "Parallel Readings".

New strategy of education and science. Part 78

We discuss the new strategy of science and education with education expert Atom Mkhitaryan.

Sargis Baghdasaryan's "Karabakhtsis"

"We and our mountains"- The sculpture "Karabakhtsi", popularly known as "Grandma-grandma", was created by sculptor Sargis Baghdasaryan. How did the author manage to place the sculpture at the height of Stepanakert? Sargis Baghdasaryan's son Ashot Baghdasaryan and student Tariel Hakobyan tell the story of the creation of the sculpture.

Is the state interested in preserving creative unions?

What model of relations between the Union of Composers and the state operates after the collapse of the USSR? Do composers write music on national orders? The chairman of the Union of RA Composers, honored figure of the RA, professor Aram Satyan was hosted at "Artfocus". Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.
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Why fantasy?

Why do fantasy novels and films attract people, and not only children and teenagers? Why don't related genres, such as fairy tales, myths, epics, historical novels, etc., have the same success? Literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan and Arkmenik Nikoghosyan debate in "Parallel Readings".

New strategy of education and science. Part 77

We are discussing the new strategy of science and education with Davit Gyurjinyan, the chairman of the State Language Committee.

New Year fairy cakes

"Loft" self-development center organized an open class on making Christmas fairy cakes.

Dollmaker Alla Sargsyan

Alla Sargsyan's dolls are Armenian in face and character. "When I am done with the doll, I take a look at it and if I smile, then it's done," says the dollmaker, "and that's my happiness, to bring joy to even one person."

Breengy-Share the Road

Simultaneous car (попутная машина) in the 21st century. Marat Hakobjanyan created the "Breengy" startup with his friends in Stepanakert. If you are a driver or a passenger, with the help of the application you can find a travel partner, share travel expenses, make new friends and travel to the desired destination at a convenient day and time.