Rev. Fr. Ararat Poghosyan received the degree of candidate of historical sciences

Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II received Rev. Fr. Ararat Poghosyan on the occasion of receiving the degree of candidate of historical sciences. His Holiness handed over Fr. Ararat the qualification certificate of the historian and the post-graduate thesis. Fr. Ararat's dissertation refers to the Armenian liberation struggle of the 16-17th centuries and the role of Holy Etchmiadzin in it.

Treatment of people forcibly displaced from Artsakh at the "Izmirlian" medical center

After September 19, within two months, 167 patients forcibly displaced from Artsakh were treated at the "Izmirlian" medical center. Most of them were operated on. The "Izmirlian" Foundation allocated the main funds for the healthcare programs aimed at Artsakh residents.

On the Feast of the Apostles, one of the powerful saints of the Armenian Church was brought out

On December 2, the Armenian Church commemorated the feast of Saint Thaddeus and Saint Bartholomew, the first enlighteners of the Armenians. Accompanied by a church procession, the Catholicos of All Armenians brought out the Holy Lance Geghard, distributing blessings to the pilgrims.

The support of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America to displaced Artsakh citizens

The Catholicos of All Armenians sent circular letters to the dioceses and communities of the Armenian Church, urging them to organize fundraisers to support the people of Artsakh. The delegation of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America arrived at the Mother See accompanied by Rev. Fr. Vazgen Boyajyan, Spiritual Pastor of the Holy Resurrection Church in Seattle and Rev. Fr. Mesrop Ash, Spiritual Pastor of St. John's Church in San Francisco. The Priests presented to the Armenian Patriarch the initiatives implemented, which will enable the implementation of the Mother See's plans to support displaced Artsakh citizens.

Narek Ashughatoyan's collection of crosses is on display

From December 2, an exhibition under the title "Your Cross" is open at the Museum of Russian Art in Yerevan. It is the collection of crosses of lawyer, collector Narek Van Ashughatoyan, in which there are crosses of both Armenian and other peoples. A private collection is on display for the first time.

The Catholicos of All Armenians met the priests who completed the regular Priest Accelerated course

Another phase of the Accelerated course for priests was completed in the "Garegin I" educational center of the Mother See of Holt Etchmiadzin. As in the previous one, so in this gathering, the problems arising during the priest's pastoral service and the ways to overcome them were the focus of the discussion. About 500 priests are enrolled in the three-week training program. The Catholicos of All Armenians met the priests who completed the regular course.

Discovery of the Holy Cross in Holy Cross Church in Arabkir

 The Sunday Divine Liturgy in the Holy Cross Church of Arabkir community of the capital is festive. The Armenian Church celebrates the Discovery of the Holy Cross on October 29 this year.

"Arev-Children" development center is under the care of the Armenian Apostolic Church

Arev- Children Development Center operates with the paternal blessing of the Catholicos of All Armenians. The Mother See provided free space for the center's activities. Arev-children had a guest on November 2. His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Terteryan, Primate of the US Western Diocese, visited them. The Diocese supports and sponsors Arev-children. 

On the Feast of the Holy Evangelists, the relic of Luke the Evangelist was taken to St. Hovhannes Church in Artashat

The Primate of the Masyatsotni Diocese completed the Divine liturgy with a cross bearing the relic of Luke the Evangelist and saying a protective prayer. The day of the feast of the Evangelists is also the day of the vow of St. John's Church.

AGBU hot meal program for Artsakh residents

On the initiative of the AGBU, 3500 food boxes are prepared, packed and delivered daily to Artsakh citizens living in Yerevan, as well as in different regions of Armenia.

The Catholicos of All Armenians Met with the Clergymen of the Priest Accelerated Course

25 priests from Armenian and diaspora dioceses worldwide participated the three week Priest Accelerated Course in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The program is coordinated by His Eminence Archbishop Vahan Hovhannisyan, director of the "Garegin I" educational center. On the occasion of the completion of the course, the priests were received by the Patriarch of All Armenians. The second group of the Priests Accelerated Course will be at the Mother See on November 7.

A memorial service was held in memory of Academician Fadey Sargsyan

In the Holy Archangels Church of the Mother See, under the chairmanship of the Catholicos of All Armenians, a memorial service was held in memory of Fadey Sargsyan. This September marks the 100th anniversary of the outstanding figure.