Araratian Patriarchal Diocese summer program for Sunday school students

During the summer, the students of the Sunday schools operating next to the churches of Yerevan, accompanied by educators, visited different museums of Yerevan and got acquainted with our rich cultural heritage. The project was initiated by the Araratian Patriarchal Diocese, the competition under the title "Armenia is a museum under the open sky" was organized by the Christian Education Center of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin .


The Brotherhood Conference was summed up

About 7 dozen priests and clergymen from different origins of the world gathered at the Mother See for a week and discussed the various challenges facing the church and the role of the Brotherhood in the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Feast of the Universal Church of Holy Etchmiadzin in St. Etchmiadzin Church in Havlabar

Among the world-wide churches of the Armenian Church, the Holy Etchmiadzin Church of the Armenian Diocese of georgia is one of the few that has the honor of being named after the Armenian spiritual center. The church is located in the central, Armenian-populated Havlabar district of Tbilisi. Here again on June 11, the feast of the Universal Church of Holy Etchmiadzin was celebrated.


Festive Commemoration of Grigor the Illuminator's Coming out of Pit in Khor Virap Monastery

For the faihtful, the figure of our first Patriarch is the best example of overcoming trials and coming out victorious. on this festive day, the reliquary enclosing the relics of the Illuminator is brought from the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to the Holy Mother of God Church in Khor Virap.

Armenian Bible Society for teenagers in border villages

On June 5-8, 25 young people from Movses, Chinari, Navur, Aygedzor communities of Tavush region and Kut community of Gegharkunik region were hosted in Tsaghkadzor, Kotayk diocese camp. Group games, knowledge transfer, psychological support: The Bible Society of Armenia has designed a special program for teenagers in border areas.

Pilgrimage day of St. Hovhannes Karapet Monastery of Masyatsotn Diocese

The day of commemoration of St. Hovhannes Karapet, Bishop of Atanagine is also the day of the pilgrimage of St. Hovhannes Karapet Monastery of Ararat region. On the occasion of the feast, the Saint's relic was brought from Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.


The visit of clergy participating in the Brotherhood Conference to "Tsitsernakaberd" and "Yerablur" memorials

The clergy participating in the Brotherhood Conference devoted the 2nd day of the congress to commemorative ceremonies. A memorial service was held at the Congregational Cemetery of the Mother See, then at the "Yerablur" military pantheon. The Brotherhood members performed an intercession ceremony at the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex.

Gevorgyan Theological Seminary has launched the entrance exams

Admission will be organized in 2 phases. In August, the demobilized boys will also be given the opportunity to submit an application and become students of the Gevorgyan Seminary.

Pilgrimage of children from Armenian Youth Centers to Gyumri

On the International Day of Children's Protection, the students of all Armenian Youth Center were in Gyumri on a pilgrimage. The students of Gyumri's Youth Center welcomed the guests of the same age.

First Phase of the Congregational Bible Knowledge Quiz

On May 30, the first phase of the collegial Bible knowledge quiz was held at the Mother See. It was organized by the Armenian Bible Society and the spiritual leadership of the RA Armed Forces.

Students are hosted in the "Ruben Sevak" museum

On May 30, the students of the "Art-Set" production center, students of Vedu and Stepanavan art schools, students of the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema were in the "Ruben Sevak" Museum of the Mother See.

This year the Armenian Church will celebrate Araratian Week on June 5-11

The historical events of the year 301 are the basis of the Araratian week feasts: Renunciation of paganism, conversion to Christianity. It is called Araratian because all the events took place in the Airarat province of Mets Hayk.