We hosted Serzh Avetikyan

Having succeeded in French cinema, why did Serzh Avetikyan decide to make Armenia and Armenians the main theme of his art? What theatrical project is being launched in Yerevan on Avetikyan's initiative? How did the shooting of "Return to Soloz" go in Turkey?  Actor, director, screenwriter, producer Serzh Avetikyan is in the "Artfocus" pavilion. The conversation is conducted by Anahit Margrayan.
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On October 16, the Armenian Church celebrated the Feast of the Four Evangelists

The Feast of the Remembrance of St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John was declared a day of blessing by the medical staff last year, when the medics were fighting against the epidemic. On this occasion, the relics of St. Luke the Evangelist were taken out of the treasury of the Mother See and taken to the hospitals of the Masyatsotn Diocese.

Dadivank and its frescoes - new Armenian-French edition

The new volume by Belgian restorer Christine Lamoureux and Milanese architect Ara Zaryan is dedicated to the monastery of St. Dad, founded in the 1st century. The authors conceived and wrote the book at the end of the restoration of two valuable frescoes in the Holy Mother Catholic Church. The presentation of the book took place at YSU Faculty of History.

The award winners of "Tekeyan" are known

Arman Yeghiazaryan in the category of Armenology; Artavazd Nazaryan in the category of Literature; Armen Elbakyan in the category of Theatrical Art; Armen Engoyan and Zaven Khachikyan in the category of Artistic Photography; 
Diana Markosyan and Hakob Asatryan in the category of Journalism; Anatoly Avetyan in the category of Fine Arts, received this year's "Tekeyan" award.

Contemporary Perspectives of Bible Translation and Interpretation: Summary of the Conference

October 09 was the second and final day of the Conference on the "Contemporary Perspectives of Bible Translation and Interpretation", being held in the Mother See; clergymen, employees of the Bible Society of Armenia, Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran, Abeghyan Institute of Literature, delivered their reports.

Bach's spiritual diary of "Sufferings According to Matthew" in Yerevan

Famous German tenor, Bach's great connoisseur of art Martin Petzold was in Yerevan. In the "Artfocus" pavilion, he talks about the latest discoveries of the international community of Bach studies, the secrets and symbols hidden in Bach's art, the life-giving performance features of genius music. The conversation is conducted by Anahit Margaryan.
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Consecration of Holy Mother of God Church in Karmrashen

On October 07, His Grace Bishop Mkrtich Proshyan, Primate of the Diocese of Aragatsotn consecrated the Holy Mother of God Church in Karmrashen Community of Talin.

Report Meeting of the Spiritual Servants

The regular report meeting of the chaplains serving in the various units of the Armed Forces was held in  the Event Auditorium of the Gevorkian Theological  Seminary.

The Golden Apricot International Film Festival to be held in Yerevan on October 3-10

Which films should you definitely watch at this year's "Golden Apricot"?  How did the war and the epidemic affect Armenian cinema? How many films by Armenian directors were presented at the festival? Which themes predominate?  The artistic director of "Golden Apricot" film festival, film critic Karen Avetisyan talked to Anahit Margaryan.

Pilgrims from Ukraine Visited the Mother See

Among the pilgrims were employees of various medical institutions of Ukraine, librarians, lecturers and pedagogues. Most of them are in our country for the first time. They were received in Holy Etchmiadzin by His Eminence Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisyan.

Concert in the Yereruyk temple

The start of the European Cultural Heritage Days was announced through a concert program organized at the Yereruyk Cathedral near the Armenian-Turkish border. The great early Christian church dating back to the 6th century was included in the list of "7 most endangered monuments" in Europe in 2016 as an archeological monument.

Repose of Souls Service was Offered for the Hero Sons Martyred in the 44-day War

On September 27, in the St.  Gayane Monastery, under the presidency of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians;  a Repose of Souls Service was offered for the peace of the souls of the homeland defenders martyred in the 44-day War of Artsakh.