The President of the Bouches du Rhône District Council visited the "Altitude 5165" charity organization

"Altitude 5165" charity organization is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and it has been cooperating with Bouches du Rhône since 2003. The dental clinic provides free therapeutic and surgical services to all the disabled, orphaned children of Etchmiadzin, socially disadvantaged families, forcibly displaced from Artsakh and all Artsakh Armenian families living in Etchmiadzin.

105 students reached the national phase of the Olympiad in the subject of ACH

According to the government's decision, the history of the Armenian Church subject is withdrawn from schools, although the enthusiasm and interest of children is increasing year by year. As a result of the Olympiad, 105 students of the 8th-12th grade reached the national phase. Prize-winning children will receive a scholarship from the state. According to established tradition, the students who won in the Republican phase will be hosted in the Desidence and will receive the blessing of the Patriarch of All Armenians.

Shurishkan's Gospel was taken from Matenadaran to Mughni St. Gevorg church

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Mkrtich Proshyan, Primate of the Aragatsotn Diocese, according to established tradition, a Devine and Immortal Liturgy was served on the Feast of the Octave of Easter in the presence of the miraculous Gospel of Shurishkan. The Gospel remained in the Saint Gevorg Church of Mughni until the evening. During that time, people had the opportunity to approach Shurishkan's Miracle Worker Gospel.

Christianity is a vast civilization in the 21st century

Tovmas Arakelyan, responsible for the youth of the Diocese of Tavush, told the discussion organized by Newmag publishing house that faith is a struggle, a help, a challenge. And in the 21st century, Christianity is not only a religion, but also a huge civilization. This year, Tovmas Arakelyan published his first book, "The Road", which tells about the Armenian Apostolic Church through small trips.

The feast of the Holy Resurrection was followed by a folk festival

The 3rd "Easter Festival" was held at the Zoravor Holy Mother of God Church in Yerevan, where young people show their handiwork and present musical performances. In the courtyard of the historical Kathoghike Holy Mother of God Church and Saint Anna churches, the faithful who received communion danced in the courtyard of the church. The members of the initiative made an agreement with Father Zenon Barseghyan and after Christmas and Easter, they hold a folk festival in the church yard.

The Araratian Pontifical Diocese organized a procession with candles

After the candle light liturgy, the members of the youth unions of the diocese churches from the St. Sargis Presbyterian Church of the Araratian Pontifical Diocese carried out the procession with the Gospel of the Resurrection. Passing the Good News of the Resurrection to people, the participants walked along Mashtots Avenue and then along Amiryan Street to the Republic Square. The spiritual coordinator of the youth associations of the diocese, Rev. Fr. Petros Malyan led the procession withe Ashot the Iron cross. 

Crucifixion Service and Burial Service in the Mother See

On Holy Friday, the commemoration was performed in the Open Altar of the Mother See under the solemnity of His Holiness the Patriarch. During the Burial Service, the hymn "Crucify Your Christ" was performed, which commemorates the betrayal of the Lord and the sufferings suffered for the sins of mankind.

In all Armenian Apostolic Churches, a Betrayal Service was held

In Saint Gayane Monastery, the Catholicos of All Armenians, together with the Brotherhood of the Mother See, participated in the Betrayal Service. This ceremony is performed on Holy Thursday in all Armenian Apostolic churches. At the end of the day, the betrayal of Christ was mentioned. The last supper was over, the sacrament of communion was confirmed, the last messages of Christ were spoken.

An open liturgy was served in the Saint Gayane Monastery

In Armenian apostolic churches, an open liturgy was served and communion was given on Holy Thursday. Each day of Holy Week has its own sacrament and ritual. Confirmation of the communion sacrament is mentioned. The gospel readings at the liturgy describe the events that took place on the last Thursday evening of Jesus' earthly life. At the supper, Christ takes the bread from the table, blesses it, distributes it to the disciples, then distributes wine, offering his body and blood as holy signs of the new covenant.

An Opening of the Doors service was held in the Saint Gayane Monastery

At the Opening of the Doors service, the clergymen symbolically ask for the Lord's mercy. Psalms, prayers, and hymns are sung in front of the closed altar during the service. The mysterious door-opening ceremony performed in the evening of Palm Sunday completes the celebration performed in the morning, during which also, after a long pause, the curtains of the altars are opened again in the churches.

Palm Sunday festive liturgy was celebrated in St. Gregory the Illuminator Church

Faitbful participated in the Palm Sunday liturgy with wreaths woven from willow twigs. This feast symbolizes the triumphal entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, about which the evangelists testified. By the decision of the Patriarch of All Armenians, Palm Sunday was also declared a day of blessing for children. At the conclusion of the festive liturgy, the children were blessed. The Bible Society also gave gifts to around 200 Artsakh Armenian children.

An exhibition entitled "My home in Artsakh" was opened

An exhibition entitled "My home in Artsakh" was opened at the National Museum-Institute of Architecture. Photographs taken in Artsakh, stories of people who lost their homes and property were presented. Photos and stories of Artsakh residents were collected by Russians settled in Armenia.