Mosaics with corks

In Gyumri, young people collect plastic bottle corks and make mosaics from them.



Frescoes painters of the Mother Cathedral of the Mother See on the Artsakh frontline

Young specialists restoring the frescoes of the Etchmiadzin Cathedral also took part in the last Artsakh war. One of them, art critic Avetis Avetisyan, died.

Relics of Pontiff St. James of Nisibis in the Mother See

On December 12, the commemoration of Pontiff St. James of Nisibis, the relics of the Saint will be taken out from the Mother  See.


Commemoration of the Pontiff St. James of Nisibis in the in the St. Hakob church of Ararat Village

On the commemoration day of the Pontiff St. James of Nisibis, Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the in the St. Hakob church of Ararat village.

"I rediscovered Armenian architecture in the Mother Cathedral in a new way." Avetis Avetisyan

Since 2018, Avetis Avetisyan has been involved in the restoration works of the Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral. The discoveries and explanations continue to amaze the young art critic.



Families from Artsakh also attended the Divine Liturgy in the Holy Mother of God Church in Kanaker

Accompanied by Deacon Manvel Sargsya, a group of Artsakh families who were forced to leave their homes and took refuge in Armenia attended the Sunday Divine Liturgy in the Holy Mother of God Church in Kanaker.



The war is in the past, but the post-war problems are in the present. Assistance to the wounded soldiers

The Arabkir Youth Center stores the medical supplies sent by the "Silva Kaputikyan" Foundation for Armenian Women in Cologne, Germany: wheelchair, crutch, stand, medicine, clothes and food. The "Support to the Homeland Defender" initiative, led by Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, coordinates the distribution of medical care sent from Germany.

From Dadivank to Yerevan: exhibition-sale-out

The delicious dishes and handmade symbols of Artsakh are presented for exhibition-sale-out in the Sharambeyan Museum of Folk Arts. The initiators are the management of the museum and the Yeretsgin (priest's wife) of the Dadivank priest.



Fifty thousand trees to be planted in Artsakh

The Foundation for the "Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets" will plant 50,000 trees in Artsakh to offset the environmental damage caused by the war.


The AGBU's Christmas present to Syrian-Armenian children

As every year, this year also the AGBU prepared Christmas packages for Syrian-Armenian children.

St. Hovhannes Karapet

Armenian sanctuaries- St. Hovhannes (Znjrlu) in the Ararat region.

Assistance provided to the families of the victims of the war in Masis

Food packages were distributed to 100 families in Masis, 50 of them from Artsakh, through the assistance of the Ararat Region Care Inspectorate.