A church is being built in Hovtashen community of Masyatsotn diocese

Since 2012, the construction works have been intermittent. Hovtashen is a small village with a modest capacity, with a population of 1,200, but the church is built with the donation of the whole community. The Tufashen Basilica church will be named after St. Bartholomew.

National instruments were played in the yard of St. Karapet Monastery on the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross

In the past, people celebrated national and church feasts in the courtyards of monasteries and churches, accompanied by folk songs and dances.  On the initiative of the Primate of the Diocese of Masyatsotn, Bishop Gevork Saroyan, he brings to life this forgotten tradition. On the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, folk instruments are played in the yard of St. Karapet Monastery in Moshaghbyur.

Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Maghakia Amiryan Enters His Eternal Rest

On August 31, Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Maghakia Amiryan, young member of the brotherhood of Holy Etchmiadzin, Dean of the Youth Centers of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin entered his eternal rest due to the Coronavirus disease.
The requiem service will be held on September 2, at 18:00, in St. Gayane monastery.  The following day, on September 3, at 10:30, a Divine Liturgy will be served in the monastery, following which the funeral of Father Maghakia will be held in the Congregational Cemetery of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.

The paintings kept in the museums of the Mother See are being restored

Under the direction of the Patriarch of All Armenians, the paintings and various textiles kept in the museums of the Mother See are regularly restored. Rev. Fr. Sevak Saribekyan is engaged in the repair of the paintings. Fr. Sevak received professional training in restoration in Italy.

An archeological expedition is working in the territory of the Holy Mother of God Church in Lanjanist

According to one of the accepted versions, the large-scale church construction started in 1301 was dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the proclamation of Christianity. The church-building activity of the Orbelian dynasty, of which Noravank is best known, begins in the Lanjanist community of the Masyatsotn Diocese.

Excavations have revealed the epitaph of Holy Mother of God Church of Masyatsotn Diocese

According to the official archives of the Mother See, the church of Mrganush village is called Holy Mother of God, according to the found epitaph, St. Thaddeus. Excavations continue ․ The expedition is led by Artak Gnuni and Levon Mkrtchyan.

More than 20 singers participated in the Lusine Zakaryan Republican Competition

The first republican competition after Lusine Zakaryan was held at the Arabkir Orphanage on the initiative of the "Tenor" Cultural Non-Governmental Organization and with the support of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory.

Military oath ceremony in Khor Virap

In the presence of the commanding staff in the Khor Virap monastery complex, the recruits take the military oath to defend the homeland.

A church is being built in Jrashen village of Ararat region

The foundation was laid in 2013, but due to lack of funds, the structure is still unfinished. With the help of the villagers and with the annual financial support of the village administration, every stone is laid. 

The youth of the Araratian Diocese in the Artik Diocese and Harichavank

Araratian Diocese youth unions were on a pilgrimage to Harichavank.

Ecclesiastical and ritual costumes kept in the museums of the Mother See are being repaired

The textile exhibits of the museums of the Mother See are restored with fabrics and threads approved by international standards of restoration, which are of Indian, Japanese and European production.

Year-end Exhibition of the Nork Youth Center

More than 700 children study in 31 classes of the Nork Youth Center. The Youth Center summed up another academic year.