The restoration of the northern and southern altars and holy tables of the Cathedral has begun

The southern altar is named after John the Baptist. The northern altar bears the name of Saint Stephen, the first archdeacon who was martyred for the Christian faith. Both were built in the 17th-18th centuries. In the 1950s, during the restoration of the Temple, the holy tables were damaged. By the decision of Karekin II, the Patriarch of All Armenians, a new one will be built, more in line with the Temple.

Students with disabilities of the "Way of Happiness" NGO were baptized

Beneficiaries of the Vagharshapat charitable organization "Way of Happiness" were baptized in the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary of Etchmiadzin. The organization provides daily day care to 20 beneficiaries aged 18-65 with mental disorders, speech, vision, locomotion and other problems. The purpose of the organization is to ensure the social integration of students into society and ensure their employment.

June 1 is the commemoration of Saint Gregory the Illuminator's coming out of Pit

The relics of the saint were brought to the Khor Virap monastery complex and a festive liturgy was held. The feast coincided with the International Children's Day. We talked with the children in the courtyard of the monastery: who protects them and how, children's opinions varied.

The monuments of Artsakh may have the fate of the monuments of Nakhichevan

The collective monograph "Monuments and Identities in the Caucasus" was published, in which a group of Armenian and foreign scientists referred to the many endangered and already destroyed Armenian monuments in Artsakh, Nakhichevan and Azerbaijan. Those monasteries, churches and khachkars date from the early Christian period to the Middle Ages and the present day. They are presented from artistic-architectural and historiographical perspectives. From the 1920s to 2021 inclusive, the number of Armenian monuments that were disfigured or destroyed is 325, and another 329 monuments met the same fate in an unknown region.

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated the commemoration of Saints John the Forerunner (Baptist) and Bishop Atanagine

May 30 is also the pilgrimage day of the St. Shoghakat Monastery. With the blessing of the Catholicos of All Armenians from the Mother See, the relics of the saints were taken to St. Shoghakat Monastery. The Armenian Patriarch conveyed his blessing, and handed over the reliquary of the saints to Proto-Archimandrite Zakaria Baghumyan in front of the St. Gregory the Illuminator and St. Trdat Open Altar. The procession of clergy went to St. Shoghakat Monastery.

Nerses the Graceful's riddles were translated into Chinese by the students

In Gagik Stepanyan School No. 135, where the second foreign language is Chinese, students present the riddles of Saint Nerses the Graceful in Chinese. Of the 300 puzzles written by Nerses the Graceful, 6 are for children: Hayk Nahapet, Tork Angegh, Movses Khorenatsi, Davit Anhaght, Grigor Lusavorich, Trdat the Third King. Riddles with a Chinese translation were published in "Echmiadzin" magazine.

There are 5 children and a lot of love in the family of the Lalayans forcibly displaced from Artsakh

After the forced displacement from Artsakh, the Lalayan family lives in Yerevan in a rented two-room apartment. His father, Eric Lalayan, is a former soldier. Does not currently have a main job. Erna taught piano for 17 years in Artsakh. Now she works in a store, but she misses the piano and her students very much. They have 5 children, the youngest was born for a special purpose.

Children and mothers from Artsakh participate in a three-day camp in Tsaghkadzor under AGBU program

The beneficiaries of the AGBU "Nairi" three-day family camp, which supports the people of Artsakh are children aged 6-14 and their mothers were forcibly displaced from Artsakh since September 24 in 2023. The program started in February and will last until June. About 300 people go to Tsakhkadzor at each stage, 100 of them are parents, the rest are children. Under the auspices of AGBU, the "Nairi" family camp will be followed by an annual summer camp for Artsakh citizens involved in various need and social groups.

liturgy was held on the Feast of the Appearance of the Cross in the Holy Cross Church of Aparan

The day of the Appearance of the Holy Cross is also the day of the consecration and pilgrimage of the Holy Cross Church of Aparan. Every year, on this day, the cross relic of the Lord is brought to the church and a festive liturgy is offered. Believers from Aparan and surrounding settlements visit the Holy Cross to get strength from the relic and renew their vows. The liturgy was served by Fr. Hovhannes Torgomyan.

The "Narek" dance school of Nork's Youth Center celebrated its 35th anniversary

The concert was dedicated to the memory of choreographer Paylak Sargsyan, with whom the ensemble's close cooperation began in 1997. Paylak Sargsyan's performances were presented at the concert. The ensemble always wins dance festivals held in Armenia and abroad and traditionally presents the premiere of new plays in the Diaspora.

The forcibly displaced Artsakh residents invited an Artsakh priest to the workplace for a Home-blessing

After the forced deportation from Artsakh, the people of Artsakh settled in Armenia often turn to the priest in the post-Easter period to perform the Easter blessing in their homes and announce the good news of the Lord's resurrection. Usually they turn to Father Andreas Tavadyan with that question.

An intercession ceremony was performed at the Mother See in memory of the canonized martyrs

On the occasion of the day of remembrance of the holy martyrs of the Armenian Genocide, the Brotherhood of the Mother See, led by the Catholicos of All Armenians, participated in the Liturgy ceremony in the St. Gayane Monastery. On that occasion, the reliquary of the Armenian Genocide martyrs was brought out. At the end of the liturgy, the procession of the clergy moved to the khachkar-monument of the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide erected near the Mother Cathedral, where an intercessory order was performed in memory of the canonized martyrs under the solemn guidance of the Patriarch of All Armenians.