The students of Youth Center have given a new breath to Mesropean letters

The exhibition titled "Blooming letters" by the students of the Arabkir HT miniature class under the auspices of Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and AGBU was opened at the Union of Artists. Most of the works presented by them are narrative, with which they presented the earthly life of Jesus. The exhibition is a jubilee one, because the 8 Youth Centers operating in Armenia are celebrating the third decade of their activity this year.

A festive liturgy was held in Dalarik's St. Vardan Church

On the day of commemoration of Saints Vardan the General and His Companions and 1036 witnesses, a festive service was held in Dalarik church. This is the day of commemoration of military leaders and clergy who were martyred for the Christian faith in the Battle of Avarair. This day is the feast of the naming of the Patriarch of All Armenians, as well as those who bear the names of 1036 witnesses. After the liturgy, a patriarchal prayer was offered.


"Klotia Nazaryan" medical center has started serving the people of Artsakh

The medical center operates under the auspices of AGBU. Until now, it provided medical consulting services to Syrian Armenians and Lebanese Armenians. The center provides professional consultation of a cardiologist, pediatrician, psychologist, ophthalmologist and gynecologist, and in some cases also provides appropriate medicines. AGBU pays 20 to 30 percent of the cost of operations for heart and oncology patients.

An exhibition dedicated to the Feast of Saint Sargis was opened in the Union of Artists

With the efforts of Araratian Pontifical Diocese and the Union of Armenian Artists of the World, the annual fine art exhibition dedicated to Saint Sargis was opened in the Union of Artists, in which forty artists participated. The presented works were mainly on spiritual topics. The authors of the best works presented at the exhibition will be awarded.

On the feast of St. Sargis, lovers gave books to each other

On the occasion of the Saint Sargis feast, the Araratian Pontifical Diocese and "Bukinist" bookstore organized the "My Secret Book Lover" action, with which lovers buy books at a special discount and address them to their loved ones. This year, the book lovers gave the most to Alex Michaelidis's novel "Rage".

Araratian Patriarchal Diocese summer program for Sunday school students

During the summer, the students of the Sunday schools operating next to the churches of Yerevan, accompanied by educators, visited different museums of Yerevan and got acquainted with our rich cultural heritage. The project was initiated by the Araratian Patriarchal Diocese, the competition under the title "Armenia is a museum under the open sky" was organized by the Christian Education Center of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin .


This year the Armenian Church will celebrate Araratian Week on June 5-11

The historical events of the year 301 are the basis of the Araratian week feasts: Renunciation of paganism, conversion to Christianity. It is called Araratian because all the events took place in the Airarat province of Mets Hayk.

Sun-children present "Buratino"

This time, the stage of the Hovhannes Tumanyan State Puppet Theater belonged to the sun-children. In the near future, the children will go on tour in Armenia, and later also abroad.

Sun-children present "Buratino"
This time, the stage of the Hovhannes Tumanyan State Puppet Theater belonged to the sun-children. In the near future, the children will go on tour in Armenia, and later also abroad.


The renovation process of Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral (26.05.2023)

The restoration of the frescoes of the main Altar of Holy Etchmiadzin has been completed.

The Nork Youth Center organized an evening dedicated to choreographer Paylak

The cooperation between the Nork Youth Center and Paylak Sargsyan started in 1997. However, as a result of the departure of the leader of the "Andranik" ensemble from Armenia, more than 200 children were left without a choreographer. At that time Paylak Sargsyan took over the leadership of the dance school. At that time, the "Andranik" group was also renamed "Narek". The cooperation between students of Narek and Paylak Sargsyan continued for decades.

Diocese of Tavush- Commemoration ceremony of Armenian Genocide martyrs

Reverend Father Abel Kartashyan offered a liturgy at the open altar of the Holy Martyrs built next to the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex in Ijevan. "Don't be afraid and stop being lazy, that's the only way to win," stated Fr. abel in his sermon.

The dance classes of Nork's Youth Center started the year with trips and victories

Two classes of Nork's Youth Center "Narek" dance school went to Georgia, two to Egypt- all students returned with victories.