The frescoes of Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral are being relocated

For the purpose of restoration, frescoes with an area of ​​more than 550 square meters were removed from the walls of the Mother Cathedral: they are re-installed in sequence after laboratory tests and fixings.

The relic of St. Sarkis in the churches of Masyatsotn Diocese

On February 13, the following day of St. Sarkis feast, the relics of the saint were taken to the Diocese of Masyatsotn, to all the churches bearing his name.

The relic of the saint and the 17th century Gospel were brought to St. Sarkis Church

St. Sarkis and his 14 warriors are the martyred soldiers who fought for the Christian faith. They were consecrated by the fathers of our church. On February 12, the Armenian Church celebrates the day of commemoration of St. Sarkis, a liturgy is served in the churches bearing his name. 

In the origins of the army, on the initiative of the History Museum of Armenia

The posters present photos of state, military figures and their personal belongings from the First Republic of Armenia to the roots of the army before independence. The poster exhibition continued with an open dance class led by Gagik Ginosyan.

The Christian family and the church: seminar-discussion for teachers

On the initiative of the Christian Education Center of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Rev. Fr.  Markos Mangasaryan conducted a seminar-lecture with the teachers of the History of the Armenian Church in the schools of Aragatsotn region. 

Liturgy singing in the "Sebastatsi" educational complex

The hymns of the liturgy were sung in "Mkhitar Sebastatsi" educational complex. Music education in Sebastatsi is an important component. The late Harutyun Topikyan's choir formed years ago continues its activities.

Feast of the Naming of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The 8th day following Holy Nativity, the Armenian  Church celebrates the Feast Day of the Naming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. During the feast a Divine Liturgy was offered in all churches. 

Annual bread-preparation with a traditional recipe

Bread is cheap, death is expensive "․  says the old Armenian proverb.  "For 2022 and all the years that follow," the women bakers added. 

New Year gifts for Artsakh-Armenian and Syrian-Armenian children

AGBU organizes New Year event for 170 children affected by Artsakh war and more than 400 Syrian-Armenian children.

Gifts of Students of Eurnekian School to the Children with Disabilities

The parent-student council of the Eurnekian School of the Mother See prepared gifts for the children with disabilities. The real gift to these children and their parents is non-discriminatory attitude.

Eco Pen

In order to pollute nature as little as possible with plastic, "Elbakyan" company produces pens from paper, which easily decomposes in the soil, becoming humus for plants. Seeds with a capsule are placed on another type of paper pen. After the pen ink runs out, the buyer plants it in ordinary soil, takes care of it and finds out what fruit his pen has produced.

The northern-southern altars of the Mother Cathedral of Etchmiadzin are being renovated

Airways are built under the pavement to ensure the normal movement of air, excluding moisture and decay of the murals. Small concrete columns were built, which will be a solid foundation for the arch.  The frescoes will be restored and, most importantly, will live longer.