"Tavush through the Eyes of the World" international exhibition at Yerevan History Museum

"Tavush through the Eyes of the World" international painting exhibition will be open at Yerevan History Museum from February 12 to March 4.Tavush Governor Hayk Chobanyan, Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan, Tavush Diocese's spiritual leader Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan were present at the opening.

“Magic Asia” opened in Lusik Aguletsi House-Museum

An exhibition called “Magic Asia” was opened in Lusik Aguletsi House-Museum.

Exhibition Dali and Picasso opened

An exhibition titled “Dali and Picasso” opened at the National Gallery of Armenia.

A youth event was held at Tumanyan House-Museum on the occasion of St. Sarkis Feast

The members of the Federation of Youth Clubs came together in the Yerevan House-Museum of Hovhannes Tumanyan on the occasion of the feast of St. Sarkis.


Eve of Feast of the Holy Nativity in Meghradzor

After the Divine Liturgy at Meghradzor Holy Mother of God Church, the local children rushed their homes despite the cold and their exhaustion, they even decided to go to the neighboring village not to have someone else get the dreamt lantern and the good tiding of Christmas.


Christmas performance at Khnko Aper Children’s Library

The hall of Khnko Aper Library hosted a performance ofthe Women’s Society of St. Zoravor Church called “The Dream House”.


Symposium dedicated to the 250th Anniversary of the Catholicos Nerses V Ashtaraketsi

On February 28, by the initiative of Argatsotn Regional Administration a symposium dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the catholicos Nerses Ashtaraketsi was held in in the Armenian Youth Center of Ashtarak.


Fast of Catechumens in our Church

Five-day fasting is specific only to the Armenian Church. It commences three weeks before the Great Lent.


Mother See’s Publishing House donated 50 books to Berkashat School Library

On the occasion of Book Giving Day, 50 books were donated by the Mother See to Berkashat Community Secondary School Library in Armavir Marz.

Regional stage of the Olympiad on the subject of Armenian Church History

The regional stage of the Olympiad on Armenian Church History was held at Vardanants Knights School N 106 in Yerevan. 54 students from grades 7-12 attended the Olympiad.


Ս. Christmas ceremonies in the Armenian community of Calcutta

The Armenian community of Calcutta celebrated the New Year and Christmas with a number of ceremonies. 


Water blessing ceremony in St. Nshan Church of Horomayr Monastic Complex

During the eight-day period of Holy Nativity, Father Vrtanes Baghalyan - the pastor of Odzun, offered a Water blessing ceremony in Srbanes Monastery of Ardvi and St. Nshan Church of Horomayr. “We offered the Liturgies of Candlelight and Holy Nativity in Odzun Church, therefore we had this Water blessing ceremony in other places so that the good news of the birth of Christ would go around the entire sub-region”,- said the priest.