Repair of frescoes on the dome of Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral has been completed.
His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Terteryan was re-elected as the head of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America.
According to the decision of the Executive Council of UNESCO on May 18, the collection of works of Archimandrite Komitas was registered in the International Register of Memory of the World.
On May 19, the "Future Armenian" initiative presented the summary report of the first forum.
The sketch project of restoration of the 5th century chapel of the Astvastenkal monastery complex of Hartavan village was discussed.
Students of "Luys Mankants" Sunday schools are in St. Hovhannes Church of Byurakan.
The meeting of the award winners of the Olympiad in the History of the Armenian Church with the Catholicos of All Armenians.
Carpet-making master class at Lori-Pambak Geology Museum.
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