The topics of this edition of "Ecclesiastical Life" are:
In Meghri, a memorial service was held in memory of the soldiers killed in a car accident
The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem has issued an official message against the illegalities of the Israeli police
The leader of the Armenian Diocese of Iraq received the head of the Chaldean Church of Iraq, Patriarch Louis Sacco and the delegation.
Easter celebrations continue in a small number of Armenian communities in Turkey.
Archbishop Sahak Mashalyan received the ten degrees of supreme doctrine at a special ceremony in Istanbul.
The priest of Masyatsotn Diocese performed a Home-blessing ceremony in the family of those forcibly displaced from Artsakh.
The intellectual game-competition "Youth is the strength of the church" was held at the "Gulameryan" Youth Center.
On April 21, the Red Gospel will be taken to Hovhanavank
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