The topics of this edition of "Ecclesiastical Life" are:
The Catholicos of All Armenians sent a message on the occasion of the commemoration of the Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide
In the "Tsitsernakaberd" memorial complex, an intercession ceremony was performed under the chairmanship of the Patriarch of All Armenians
An intercessory ceremony was performed at the Mother See in memory of the canonized martyrs
The Armenian Diocese of Great Britain commemorated the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
The memory of the martyrs of the genocide was commemorated in the Holy Transfiguration Church in Moscow
Protest action and commemoration ceremony were held in Tbilisi and Damascus
Divine Liturgy was celebrated in Vanadzor on the occasion of Genocide Day
The Mother See voices the just judgment and demand of the Armenian people all over the world
Hundreds of shrines in Artsakh are under Azerbaijani captivity
The forcibly displaced architect from Artsakh calls to stand up
A photo exhibition titled "Genocide Monuments" was opened in the Museum of History
The Armenian Genocide Museum was replenished with valuable samples related to Soghomon Tehliryan
Mozart's Requiem was played on the occasion of the anniversary of the Genocide
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