July 2022

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Vahanavank, built in the 10th century, stands 7 km southwest of the city of Kapan. On the occasion of the 1111th anniversary of the foundation, a vow liturgy is offered.
On July 30, in the ceremony hall of the Gevorgyan Theological Seminary, seminarians, inspection staff and professors, under the chairmanship of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, participated in the graduation matinee of the year.
Hakob Kyoseyan "Armenian Chroniclers about the Sacrament of Communion, 5-18 centuries"; Vardan Devrikyan "Holy Muron in Armenian Bibliography in 5-19 centuries"; Archimandrite Movses Sargsyan "The theory of the just war"; Arsen Harutyunyan "Two-faced St.  Poghos-Petros church in Yerevan";...
The "Sacrament of the Martyrs" concert took place at the "Narekatsi" Art Union with the participation of Ter Hovhan Leon Khoja-Eynatian and the "Yerevan" String Quartet. American-Armenian composer Alan Hovhannes' composition "Sacrament of the Martyrs" was performed in Armenia for the first time.
In the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Feast of the Discovery of the Relics of St Gregory the Illuminator was celebrated in the island of Gnal.
The spiritual and classical music festival brought hundreds of Yerevan residents and tourists to the St. Anna and Holy Mother of Kathoghike church yard every Friday. The "Tagharan" ensemble of ancient music, "Hover" choir, "Komitas" string quartet took part in the festival. The concert series...
His Grace Bishop Mushegh Babayan, Grand Sacristan of the Mother See and Primate of the Artsakh Diocese His Grace Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan visited Lebanon. They attended in the ceremony of blessing the Holy Muron in Antilias.
The 18th anniversary of the consecration of the Church of Saint Stepanos in Chknagh village of Aparan was celebrated. In the Armenian community of Cologne, the academic year of Saturday school and kindergarten was summarized. Sunday schools and camps have been launched in Armenian dioceses....
From July 6 to 10, church-loving young people who came to Armenia from different corners of the world will spend time together. With the blessing of the Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, the Pan-Armenian Pilgrimage of the World Youth Union of the Armenian Church, which has become a...
During his stay in Lebanon, the Peimate of the Shirak Diocese, Archbishop Mikael Ajapakhyan, met with the consolidation of the "Association of Religious Women of Holy Etchmiadzin" in Beirut.
Most of the young people from the USA were in Armenia for the first time. The Catholicos of All Armenians met with the pilgrims in the Mother See of Etchmiadzin. The young people came to the Mother See accompanied by the newly elected Primate of the Armenian Eastern Diocese of the USA,...
Artsakh is a mountain garden, and its future is still uncertain- this reality is characterized by the title "Hanging Garden- Dadivank and the Past" of the exhibition.
The pilgrimage of the World Youth Association of the Armenian Church began from the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the Catholicos of All Armenians welcomed the young pilgrims.
The fourth day of the Pan-Armenian pilgrimage.
An interview with His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderyan, Primate of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America. 
The exhibition titled "Bronze Echo of Interrupted Prayer" refers to the Gndevank monastery complex in Vayots Dzor. The initiator is SNPO (state non-profit organization) of "Historical-Cultural Reserve-Museums and Historical Environment Protection". 
Ceremonies dedicated to the 620th anniversary of the foundation of the Armenian Diocese of Romania launched in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.
The actors of the new theater of the World Youth Association of the Armenian Church presented the play "Where are you, Adam" at the Hamazkayin Theater named after Sos Sargsyan.
The presentation of the picture-book "Armenian Treasures in Romania" took place within the framework of the 620th anniversary of the Armenian Diocese of Romania. The Armenian Diocese of Romania has a rich collection of works of art. Little is known about it for various reasons.  The new...
This year, the annual pan-Armenian pilgrimage of the World Youth Association of the Armenian Church took place from July 6 to 10. This pilgrimage wass entitled "ACYOWorld as Armenia- Diaspora Bridge".
"Technovation Girls Armenia 2022" is an annual competition of entrepreneurship and technological knowledge for girls aged 8-18 years. This year, 103 teams participated in the competition. 15 teams won awards and 2 of them were awarded to the students of "Eurnekian" Public School operating under...
One week before Vardavar, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the memory of the 12 apostles of Christ and the thirteenth, Apostle Paul. On July 16, Reverend Fr. Archimandrite Harutyun Tamatyan, spiritual pastor of Ishkhanats Islands, offered a festive service in the Arakelots Church in the...
The Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ is one of the five feasts of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The Feast of Transfiguration is also called Vardavar. The feast is movable, this year it will be celebrated on July 24.
On July 17, the Primate of the Diocese of Artsakh, His Grace Bishop Bishop Abrahamyan consecrated St. Thaddeus Church in the area of ​​Shirak Garrison.  The first baptism ceremony was performed in the newly consecrated church.
US President Joe Biden met with the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem. An Armenian church will soon open its doors in Malaga, Spain. "Diaconical knowledge as a key to preventing domestic violence" meeting in the rectory of Gegharkunik Diocese. The "From Monastery to Monastery" program has...
25 years ago, on June 15, the current Primate of Kotayk diocese, in the 8th year of his celibate priestly vow, Archbishop Arakel Karamyan was ordained a Bishop by the Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin I, in 2014 he was honored with the honor of the Archbishop.
The day of the Feast of the Transfiguration is the pilgrimage day of Hovhannavank. 
Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan was the diocesan primate of the tabernacle feast in the Gandzasar church. The commemoration of Transfiguration is one of the favorite feasts in Artsakh. The foundation of the Stepanakert Cathedral was held on this feast, after the war of the 1990s, Shushi's...
Following the festive liturgy in St. Gevorg Church of Tbilisi, a khachkar was consecrated and dedicated to the peacemakers in the courtyard of the church. 
On July 24, on the Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ, the diocesan Primate His Eminence Yezras offered a festive liturgy in the Moscow Cathedral.  The folk festival of Vardavar continued until late evening in the churchyard. 
On July 24, the Armenian Church celebrated the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. A festive liturgy was served in all churches. The Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland, Bishop Hovakim Manukyan offered a liturgy in the St. Gayane Monastery. 
On the initiative of the Youth Union of the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese, the Feast of Transfiguration or Vardavar began the previous evening with a pre-festival in the streets of Yerevan.
On the day of commemoration of the Repose of the souls of the day, following the feast of Transfiguration of our Lord, a liturgy and Requiem service will be held at the "Yerablur" military pantheon. The clergymen burn incense to the memory of those who fell on the battlefield.
With the efforts of the "Fund for Armenian Relief" of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the children of those who died in the 44-day war, displaced from Artsakh, families with many children, Syrian Armenians, and families benefiting from various programs of the FAR are resting in the "Aragats" camp...
Aknalich residents say that having a functioning church is the most significant event for the community. The location of Holy Mother of God Church was not chosen by chance. The boys who gave their lives for their country are resting in the yard.
Under the direction of the Patriarch of all Armenians, for the first time, the relic of the Cross of Christ was brought from the Holy Etchmiadzin to Aragats village. Residents of Aragats and guests from different places celebrate the 8th anniversary of the re-consecration of the Holy Mother of...
On Sunday, July 31, after the Sunday service, a memorial service was held in "Yerablur" Srobots Vardanants Church. Then, a khachkar was erected in memory of the devotees of the motherland.