Կարո Դերձակյան

American Armenian physician, philanthropist, was born in Lebanon. He received his primary education in Nishan Palandjian College and studied medicine in the American University of Beirut. This is where he met his future wife, Sylvie, who came from Jerusalem. They moved to US after they got married. At present, they reside in Santa Ana, California (Orange County). They live happily with their children Talin and Aram.
1987 was crucial for Garo Tertzakian. He was invited to Armenia. Since then, he visits Armenia every year. He has supported a number of hospitals through provision of up-to-date medical equipment and professional skills. In recent years, he cooperates with St. Nerses Hospital of Holy See of Etchmiadzin. He was awarded a letter of blessing of His Holiness, Mkhitar Heratsi Medal and various awards.

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