It’s been 5 years since the foster family institute is enforced in Armenia. The program is implemented in Armenia by UNICEF, USAID and the Ministry of Social Issues. Foster family shelters the parentless child, where he/she receives family nurturing, love and warmth. In the meanwhile, efforts are made to contact the biological family of the child and return the child to their family when he/she turns 18. 
“The boarding institutions of our country provide mere shelter to the children, however they never become family for them and the adults coming out of these institutions confront many issues. This is the main difference – to provide family care, which is unfortunely impossible to ensure in the orphanage”. 
The TV program “Day 6” hosts Hayk Khemchyan, Child Protection Officer Child Protection Officer at UNICEF.


Serie: Day 6
Telecast type: Հաղորդաշար